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Luxurious tiny home in Australia

    The ‘Swallowtail’ model is a complete tiny house on wheels that offers affordability and flexibility, with a wide range of optional extras designed to seamlessly upgrade the home as your budget allows.

    We believe that flexibility is a crucial aspect of successful affordable housing, and in small spaces it becomes an essential.

    This model has been designed to grow and expand with you as your needs change and your budget grows. The structure, spatial arrangement and functionality can accommodate a range of optional extras and different furniture arrangements.

    You can add storage, shelving, optional window/door upgrades and additions, awnings, a planter box, higher-end fixtures and additional cabinetry. We’ve also ensured there’s ample room for clear wall space in sensible locations for TVs and pictures to be hung. We’ve ‘future-proofed’ the design so that later additions don’t crowd the space or look like after-thoughts.




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